What is Polycentric Law?

Polycentric law is a form of dispute-resolution system capable of securing social order without reliance on government. The purpose of the present site is to provide materials introducing people to the concept and theory of mutual defense and dispute resolution without the State, to discuss both recent and historical writings and research on the topic, to aid contemporary researchers by providing relevant bibliographies, links to academic literature, and other resources, and to help create and grow viable, consensual, and humane alternatives to the dominant State legal systems and Prison Industrial Complex.

Who are we?

I’m Sasha Fenn, a left libertarian living in the Ozark Mountains of North America. I write instrumental electronic music, poetry, prose, and sometimes create visual art as well. At some point in the future I hope to write and publish interactive fiction and computer games.

I would like to someday live in a society based in voluntary, free association, and without political authority or government. The present site explains one vision of how such a society might look, and provides resources for those interested in studying how human beings can resolve disputes and maintain peaceful cooperation without relying on the State.

If you would like to support my work, either my writings for this site or my more artistically oriented work, you can support me through my Patreon page or through purchasing my music or visual art through Bandcamp or DeviantArt respectively.

I have had help from many friends, family members, patrons, and other supporters throughout my work, but responsibility for any errors in my writings, here on this site, rests solely with me.

The site is currently under construction. Thank you all for your patience, and peace to you!